Alderline Charcoal 30L Pallet


  • 100% Natural and Organic Lumpwood Charcoal
  • Ready to cook in less than 15 min
  • 1.5h burning time
  • Smokeless and Odourless
  • 95% of the bag’s pieces 5 – 20cm in size
  • Restaurant quality, lightweight and no charcoal dust
  • Full pallet, 84 bags: Save 30% @ £8,37 per bag
  • Half pallet, 42 bags: Save 25% @ £8,96 per bag
  • Quarter pallet, 21 bags: Save 20% @ £9,56 per bag
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100% Natural and Organic Lumpwood Charcoal. It is produced from Latvian forests using a sustainable tree – white alder. This charcoal is ready to cook in less than 15 min. Alderline charcoal is heated evenly through providing even cooking experience. This smokeless and odorless charcoal is authorised for use in smoke control areas.

Alderline lump wood bbq charcoal is produced to the highest quality and there is no tar or toxins providing pure charcoal flavour to your meal. Pieces ranging from 5 – 20cm in size gives you extra help with igniting it effortlessly as it has more space between charcoal pieces for better air circulation. Producing lumpwood charcoal Alderline separate large pieces and giving to customer 95% of the bag in large pieces.

Pallet Size

Quarter Pallet, Half Pallet, Full Pallet


100% Natural
& Organic


Made from
Sustainable Wood


Pure from
Tar & Toxins


Extremely Fast


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