Alder Wood Kiln Dried Logs Pallet


  • Premium quality kiln dried logs
  • Very easy to light as the moisture content is below 20%
  • Each log is 25cm in size, evenly chopped to suite most of wood burners, stoves, fireplaces, pizza ovens, fire pits and more
  • Burns with bright flame, hot and long to warm your home, make great pizza or warm you when camping
  • Ideal for stoves, chimineas, fire pits, pizza ovens, cookers and open fires
  • Full pallet, 80 bags: Save 15% @ £7,61 per bag
  • Half pallet, 40 bags: Save 10% @ £8,06 per bag
  • Quarter pallet, 20 bags: Save 5% @ £8,50 per bag
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Thank you for your excellent choice for Alderline kiln dried logs. Alderline firewood is kiln-dried to under 20% and then after each log is cut, split and perfectly packed either in a net bag or cardboard box to be delivered to your doorstep in perfect condition. Alder wood logs are made of white alder and are sourced from well managed woods in Europe.

They are the perfect choice for pizza making, meat smoking, to warm your home or to use when camping. Logs burns hot with a bright flame, ignites effortlessly and reach a high temperature, as they are very dry – will make very little smoke. But if you need logs to make beautiful home decor this will suit well.

We also hope that Alderline firewood will warm your home, heart and loved ones.

Pallet Size

Quarter Pallet, Half Pallet, Full Pallet


100% Natural
& Organic


Made from
Sustainable Wood


Pure from
Tar & Toxins


Extremely Fast


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