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Where there is demand, there are opportunities!

In previous centuries in Latvia our grand-grand-fathers used white alder for fireplaces and wood burners, but also for meat and fish smoking. They experimented with all kind of species, but found out that white alder is one the best tree which suits different kind of meats and warms homes greatly. And then every century and every year BBQ culture started to grow in Europe.

Our grandfathers started to love cooking on charcoal, but in their way, it was – using wood to start it as BBQ, waited while it turned into charcoal and then cooked meat over it, but it too long for every BBQ.

And then born idea – what if?

What if we could make our own charcoal? In 1983 there was plenty of charcoal available in Europe, but it was not good in quality and mostly came from rainforests, we wanted to make a change and make charcoal that would be environment friendly, highest possible quality and easy to use for customers.

We have 70 % forests in Latvia and all full of white alder and as it grows very fast and do not allow to grow other trees and weeds it needs to be cleaned every year.

All together came to an idea – we have plenty of white alder and it grows every year very fast, so need to be cleaned, then we have need for charcoal which would be great for all kind of cooking and we don’t have our own charcoal, just from rainforests…

Trees in autumn colors. View of forest and road from above. Latvian nature.
Assorted delicious grilled meat with vegetables sizzling over the coals on barbecue

So, the idea started to transform into reality and 1993 we ignited first batch of white alder in our kilns.

Over more than 2 decades we have been experimenting and improving the charcoal making process and now we have charcoal that is ours, very high quality, easy to use, comes from well managed forests and used only sustainable trees to produce it.

What makes the best charcoal in the world?

The flavour what it gives to the food - the most natural and purest charcoal flavour suitable for professional chefs and BBQ enthusiasts

Our Values



We look for the best of the best in every product and every step we do. We strive to improve even the smallest details for every single aspect we do, starting from charcoal production and monitoring to delivering product to your doorstep, either home, shop or restaurant. We look to quality more as a way of thinking – do everything with highest quality and strive to improve every time.



We believe that trust is earned. When we trust someone, we have confidence in them and in their honesty and integrity. We do everything with all our hearts so our customers, partners and suppliers would trust us with this feeling. And every day we work to build even stronger trust with us by delivering quality with consistence combined with speed.


Love and Family

Alderline is a family-owned business. Above all the beliefs we believe that love is the strongest feeling in the world and answer for everything. With love there is trust, quality and happiness. We work with customers, partners, suppliers and industry with love, gratitude and appreciation. And stringing together all the small things we build our world – better, happier and more loved.



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